The Ferris Wheel is a Nostalgic Must-have!

The ferris wheel is a perfect family attraction and all are welcome to ride. A perfect addition to any event allowing your guests time to sit and relax and absorb all the day's activities!​


Dimensions: 25' W x 35' L x 50' H
Power Requirements: 3 Phase, 100 amps
Capacity: Max 30
Height Requirements: ALL; Under 42 inches must be accompanied by adult

The Ferris wheel will arrives on a 5500 series dually pickup truck or small semi truck. The truck is approximately 20 ft. long and the Ferris wheel trailer is 35 ft. long. Staff will disconnect the trailer and the truck can be if needed located in a separate area. The wheel is then erected with 2 staff and it will take approximately 2-3 hours to set. The dimensions of the ride set up are 25ft W x 35ft L x 50ft H. The wheel is completely enclosed with fencing.

Set up Location: Needs to be relatively flat and free of obstacles like power lines, curbing, tree limbs, etc. It can be set up on grass, asphalt, or cement. Generally, there is no evidence that the wheel was on any of these surfaces. The only concern would be on grass in inclement weather should the location be saturated with water. Also consider the entrance and exiting of the wheel i.e. is there a gate, is the entrance to the venue on an extreme incline or decline, etc.

Power: A generator will need to be collocated with wheel (within 75 ft.), space requirements would be no more than 10 ft. x 15 ft.