V5 Bungee Trampoline

Experience bungee jumping like never before. Flip and spin your way into oblivion!


Dimensions: 32' W x 36' L x 22' H
Capacity: 5
WeightRequirements: No more than 240 lbs./ No less than 40 lbs. per patron

Delivery/Set Up: The bungee trampoline is a trailer pulled by one of Palmetto Amusements vehicles. The V5 Ultimate Bungee sets up in under 40 minutes with 2 employees. A 12 volt hydraulic lift system effortlessly raises the single-piece aluminum poles. A unique bracing bar latches around the upper poles to provide support.

Set up Location: Must be relatively flat and free of obstacles like power lines, curbing, tree limbs, etc. It can be set up on grass, asphalt, or cement. Generally, we will leave no evidence that the item was on any of these surfaces. The only concern would be on grass in inclement weather should the location be saturated with water. Also consider the entrance and exiting of the items i.e. is there a gate, is the entrance to the venue on an extreme incline or decline, width.